Help/FAQ for users of the Vote By Internet service

Technical support

Help/FAQ for users of the Vote By Internet service.

  1. I am having technical problems.

    There may be a local connectivity problem – are you actually connected?  Check if you can connect to or – if you have problems with these there is likely to be a local connectivity problem.  Many problems are solved if you simply stop and restart your browser, or in more serious cases you may need to reboot your PC.  If you are having poor network performance, please contact your local technical resources.

    This site should support most common browsers including the Windows, Apple Mac and Unix versions of Internet Explorer version 4.0 or later, and the Windows, Apple Mac, Unix and Linux versions of Safari.  If you encounter any difficulties with these or any other browsers please send a report to the email address below.  Important note for Lotus Notes users:  you may experience problems if using the internal browser provided with Lotus Notes;  to work round this, please set the Internet Browser option in your Location document to use Internet Explorer.

  2. The internet system won’t accept my Security Code.

    Make sure you are entering it correctly;  there are 6 characters for ‘Part One’ and 4 characters for ‘Part Two’.  These must be entered without spaces into the appropriate textboxes.

  3. The internet system says I’ve already voted.

    Once you have clicked the Submit button to confirm your vote, you cannot come back later to change your vote and the system will prevent anyone from logging in again using the same Security Code.

  4. I encountered an error OR my internet connection was interrupted during voting, has my vote been recorded?

    Try logging in again, if the vote was recorded properly the system will prevent you from voting again;  if the vote was not recorded, the system will allow you to log in.

  5. I am a visually impaired or disabled internet user and require special software or tools to browse the internet.  Is the website compatible with my system?

    We have tested the website on a wide range of different browsers, and incorporated principles of accessibility into the website design wherever possible without compromising the required functionality and security.  Thus we have tried to make the website as usable and accessible as possible, but please let us know if you encounter problems and we will investigate them.

Technical support

For general queries about the election process, nomination process, candidates statements, the role of the elected body, etc. please contact your organisation.

If you experience any technical problems with the website which are not resolved by the suggestions in the above FAQ, please contact us on the below email address.  We will need as much information as possible to investigate the problem, including:

Please email details of your technical problem to
We will investigate the problem and let you know what we find as soon as we can.

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